Safe House

The home is where the heart is and where people put their guard down and relax. It is important that the home is a safe place. There are several home safety tips that can help a person be prepared for emergencies and make sure their family is safe at home.

Check the Batteries
Many people do have smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in the home. That is a great way to stay safe. It is important that these alarms have working batteries in them. The alarms are useless if the batteries are dead. Be sure to check the batteries at least twice a year to make sure they are still good.

deadboltsUse Deadbolts
To provide extra security and protect to the exterior doors in addition to a regular locking device a deadbolt should be installed. The deadbolt should at least one inch to make sure it is secure. When a person’s home they can lock the deadbolt which will give them extra protection.

Do Not Hide Keys
Many people hide extra keys to the home under the doormats or in plants that are near the doorway. While they think they are safe these are some of the most obvious players that robbers and intruders look. If a person really wants to have an extra set of keys to their home they should leave them with a trusted family member.

Lower the Home Phone
A person should set their home phone on the lowest volume setting. That way if they are not home and the phone rings no one will know. A burglar may hear that a phone is being unanswered and know that no one is home.
These are just some tips that a person can follow to stay safe and secure at home.