doorWhen a person is at home this is usually the place where they feel the safest. While a person should feel safe at home there are some things that can compromise their homes safety. There are some basic safety tips to help a person make sure their home is safe and secure such as installing hurricane shutters englewood florida.

Secure All Doors
A person should test all the doors that lead in or out of the home and make sure that they latch properly. When a person pushes on the door it should remain closed. All of the locks should be tested as well. If a person has a garage they should also check this door. There may be a gap between the ground and the door they should be fixed. The garage door should also be locked. It should be tested to make sure the door cannot be easily opened even when locked and everything is secure.

Keep it Shut
Blinds and drapes should be shut. While many people do not like this idea there is a good reason behind it. People tend to look into the windows as they pass a home. If a person keeps their windows uncovered they are giving others a clear view of what they have in their home.

Do Not Announce Travel Plans
When a person is going on vacation or if they will be leaving their home for a couple of days they may be tempted to put their plans on social media. This is a big mistake. They are advertising to the world that no one will be home for a couple of days. This will be a great opportunity for people to break in. When a person will be out of the home they should put the lights on timers and maybe even leave the television on so it gives the illusion that someone is home.

doorsUse Peepholes
The front and the back door should have a small peephole. This way a person can see who is at the door. They will not even have to unlock the door to see who is there. Many people often the door a crack to see who is there giving an intruder the chance to push their way in.

These are just some of the things that a person can do to keep their home safe. Taking measures to stay safe will help a family feel safe and secure while they are at home.